Sept. 14-16 3rd Krakow Symposium between WUSM and UJ

Saint Louis Polonia co-sponsored 3rd symposium arranged between Jagiellonian University in Kraków and Washington University School of Medicine. The symposium was held in Krakow. from September 14 – 216, 2016.  While visiting the University Hospital in Kraków members of WUSM faculty had an an opportunity to meet respective core faculty and residents of JU Collegium Medicum, and to exchange thoughts and information with them, during their regular day of work.  There was also a multidisciplinary meeting with representatives of the Jagiellonian University and Departments of the University Hospital to discuss opportunities for cooperation for students who are linking residency program with doctoral studies or other research programs.  WUSM representatives had also an opportunity to enjoy richness of Polish history and cultural heritage in Kraków and in the surrounding area. The symposiumw as attended by:

  • Dr. Melvin Blanchard, MD – WUSM
  • Dr. Phillip Korenblat, MD – WUSM
  • Sharon Morgan – WUSM
  • Basia Najarro – Director of WUSM School of Medicine
  • Ewa Dyk – Saint Louis Polonia

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